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The Unknown Cemetery is Moore Cemetery and was recently named a historical site. Clean-up efforts are underway, and many have volunteered since it was featured in a local newspaper. This cemetery is closely monitored by law enforcement and is off limits after dark. The caretaker lives in front of the cemetery and will ensure this is enforced. (I warn you…if you attempt to enter the cemetery after dark, you are trespassing and the caretaker is armed.) The coffin above ground? The remains contained in the unearthed coffin are being placed back in its rightful place.


If you are interested in the history of the cemetery, visit during the daytime and drive slowly along the road. The cemetery can only be accessed via the driveway of the caretaker and there are small children living there.


***Update: Some pictures have disappeared from this site. Don’t fret! The site is not being shut down. I simply had to clear some space out on the server hosting the pics. I am trying to find a place to put them for your enjoyment.


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I want to assure my readers that I am still around. I haven’t been able to update the site because I have been unable to visit any new places. Hopefully that will change with Halloween right around the corner.

As always, I am here to answer any questions you have and I always reply to comments left here within 48 hours. If you want more information or would like to share your own experiences, please email me at tnhauntings@writersbeacon.com.

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A friend of mine (Rickey Smith) brought an interesting newspaper clipping to my attention today. It was printed in 1871. He says the area they are referring to is the Masseyville – Cave Springs area in Chester County. The clipping says:

1871. Unusual Story.

Wild Men (News Article) Date: 1871-05-04; Paper: Weekly Eastern Argus (Maine);This entire product and/or portions thereof are copyrighted by NewsBank and/or the American Antiquarian Society. 2004.page 1
…. Tennessee, however, has the champion wild man. The Jackson Whig of the 23th inst. says:
We learn that between Sobby and Crainsville, on what is called Piney, in McNairy county, a strange and frightful being has been observed for several weeks. He is said to be seven feet high, and possessed of great muscular power. His eyes are unusually large, and fiery red; his hair hangs in a tangled and matted mass of jet below his waist, and his beard reaches below his middle. His entire body is covered with hair, and his whole aspect is most frightful. He shuns the sight of men, but approaches with wild and horrid screams of delight every woman who is unaccompanied by a man. He sometimes with great caution approaches houses; and should he see a man he runs away with astonishing swiftness, leaping the tallest fences with the ease of a deer, defying alike the pursuit of men and dogs. He has frightened several women by attempting to carry them off as well as by his horrid aspect, and the whole country around Sobby is in consternation. The citizens are now scouring the woods, and are determined either to capture or drive off the monster.
So bigfoot sightings are nothing new. This story is 137 years old. I know we have all heard stories of bigfoot, but has anyone actually seen one? If you have a story about bigfoot, leave a comment or email me at tnhauntings@writersbeacon.com.
Again, thanks to Rickey Smith for passing along this article.

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Although I have not personally been to this cemetery yet, I have known several people who have.

I do not know a lot about the cemetery other than there is an open grave with an exposed coffin which has a hole in it. Local legend says that if you stick anything inside the hole something bad will happen.

I have been told by two people that I know that this is true. One person stuck there hand down in it and they wrecked their car. Coincidence or a spirit’s way of asking to be left alone? What do you think?

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