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The Unknown Cemetery is Moore Cemetery and was recently named a historical site. Clean-up efforts are underway, and many have volunteered since it was featured in a local newspaper. This cemetery is closely monitored by law enforcement and is off limits after dark. The caretaker lives in front of the cemetery and will ensure this is enforced. (I warn you…if you attempt to enter the cemetery after dark, you are trespassing and the caretaker is armed.) The coffin above ground? The remains contained in the unearthed coffin are being placed back in its rightful place.


If you are interested in the history of the cemetery, visit during the daytime and drive slowly along the road. The cemetery can only be accessed via the driveway of the caretaker and there are small children living there.


***Update: Some pictures have disappeared from this site. Don’t fret! The site is not being shut down. I simply had to clear some space out on the server hosting the pics. I am trying to find a place to put them for your enjoyment.


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