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I had a chance to visit this place at the end of February right before sunset.  I took several photos but found nothing of interest in them. I walked up to the statue of Mary behind the church and it is a very beautiful marker and in very good shape to be so near 100 years old. Beneath her eyes are stains but they appear to be something purposely placed on the statue to give it the appearance that it has bled from the eyes. However, it does not resemble a blood stain at all as it is a light rusty color. Blood leaves a darker stain.

There is a great amount of history in this cemetery and it is very well kept. If you have the chance, certainly visit here but please be respectful. When I arrived, someone had knocked out one of the windows in the back of the church and it was laying a few feet away from the tombstones. It’s a shame that people do such things as it really is a very lovely place. I will post pictures when I have the chance.


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