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It’s still way too cold to venture out to explore new places, but I have updates!

I spoke to an employee of WMHI yesterday and there are numerous reports of incidents occurring in Luton Hall. One woman reported her hair being pushed behind her shoulder while several others have reported a presence in one of the restrooms.

I also learned that years ago there was a woman (I think I was told it was a woman) who could levitate above several feet above the bed. Apparently, many staff members walked into her room and discovered her doing just that. Many of the employees believe she is still lurking on the top floor and occasionally makes her presence known.

If anyone knows anything about these happenings, please leave a comment. Also, while it’s too cold to go out and take photographs for my readers I would like to invite you to stop by my other blog, http://www.allaboutbipolar.com.


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