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Halloween at Purdy, TN

Some of you may have already heard. Wild 100.7 from Corinth, MS did a live remote from Purdy last night. The crew talked to people riding the haunted hayride and toured the cemetery and Hurst House. The hayride will continue through Halloween and costs $5 per person. They start every night at 7 PM and continue until 9 PM.

I have heard lots of people report seeing things in photos or videos. If you have photos or videos from Purdy, we would love to see them. You can send them to tnhauntings@writersbeacon.com.

That said, I hope all of this is gone by 10 PM on Halloween night, else it ruins my plans. I prefer the area to be quiet. I think I am hoping for too much, though. I am looking in to alternative places to visit in case this area is still buzzing. If you have any suggestions, email me and let me know.

I would also like to remind everyone who will be visiting this area that Hurst House is private property and trespassers are not welcome. Be safe and have fun, and Happy Halloween!

For more information on their live remote at Purdy, visit http://www.wydl.com.


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Halloween Hauntings

Halloween is fast approaching and I am sure many of you will be out searching for spooks. I’d like to point out a few places to visit and a few to stay away from.

The Magnolia Manor in Bolivar, TN is well known for its ghost tours guided by the Mid-South Ghost Hunters of Memphis, TN. If you’re interested, visit:


Interest in the Hurst Mansion in Purdy, TN is increasing and so is the vandalism. I will warn you. Stay away! A couple was arrested just a few weeks ago for trespassing. I can guarantee you that this house will be well watched for the next few weeks and if you plan to visit, you will want to take along bail money. The owner is fed up and wants no one on this property.

DO NOT trespass on private property. Vandalism or littering is never acceptable at any place you visit. Even if the place is a mess when you arrive, it is not okay to add to it.

DO travel in pairs. Never go alone. Have a good time, be respectful of the places you visit, and bring a camera. Remember to send all your interesting photos to tnhauntings@writersbeacon.com!

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