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All About My Camping Trip

Ok, so it’s not a ghost story but parts of it are scary….well to me they are.

We arrived on Thursday night and had a nice quiet evening. On Friday morning, we took the kids over to the  park to play for awhile. Friday afternoon, some of our family and friends arrived.

By late Friday, it was obvious that I was losing my voice.  I was feeling pretty rough and worn out by 2 AM, so I headed in to bed and left the rest of them up. About an hour later, I heard my daughter screaming and nearly broke my neck getting out of the camper to see what was going on. The adults had been been scratching on the side of the tent she was sleeping in.

After a very late night, I was off to a rough start on Saturday. Still, we made the trip to Shiloh National Military Park and did some walking. I took one interesting picture, which is posted below. After trekking around Shiloh, we took the kids to the beach at Pickwick to swim for a while. More friends arrived while we were there. I’m sure you can tell we like to travel in “packs”. My philosophy is, what good is life if not shared with friends?

Sunday morning, we slept in a little bit and then made the trip to Tishomingo State Park in Mississippi. There is a swinging bridge built in the 1930’s and a rock canyon where people rock climb. Since we were going to be hiking a bit and my voice was almost completely gone, I dug out my whistle and took it with me. Unfortunately, it turned off hot and as sick as I was I was unable to breathe. We have planned a return trip for the Fall.  We left and returned to Shiloh, TN to eat at Hagy’s. There was an interesting newspaper clipping about a ghost called “Elmo” which I intend to look up.

Sunday evening, a friend of ours came by and offered to take us out on his pontoon boat the next day. Unfortunately, when I woke up Monday I couldn’t talk over a whisper. We decided to pack up the camper and head back home. When we reached Selmer, TN, we had to find a place to pull the truck and camper under to protect it from hail damage.

To wrap this up, we got home and it’s Thursday and I am just now starting to get my voice back after almost a week. You have no idea how frustrating it is to go that long without being able to talk.


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On Saturday, May 24, we visited Shiloh National Military Park. This was not a “ghost hunting” trip; it was just a day trip we took one day while camping out at Pickwick Dam.

We walked around parts of the park and I took a few photographs. When I started snapping around the Bloody Pond, I found one photo with a few odd things. Although I took 24 photos around the pond, only this one photo contained something unexplainable.

This is the white whatever it is in the tree. I do not claim to know what it is but the following is what I found on another website:

On the battlefield, there is a pond known as “The Bloody Pond” where many injured and dying soldiers went to cool their thirst during the heat of the day, during the Battle of Shiloh. It is said that, on certain days, when the sun hits just right, the water looks blood red; Just as it did during that battle. There is also the ghost of a woman in a white dress, possibly the wife of one of the soldiers or officers that helped nurse the men. She appears to women and children who become lost and become saddened or frightened by the battlefield. She is a helpful spirit who tries to calm and soothe those who are in need of comfort or help, but quickly disappears when someone else comes upon her and the person she is trying to help.

This is the smaller white spot in the tree.

Can you see the figure in the woods?

If you would like to be emailed the original, full sized digital photo, email tnhauntings@writersbeacon.com.

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I will soon be heading out to go camping over the weekend. I will be camping at Pickwick Dam so I am going to try to make it to Shiloh and take a few pictures to share next week. Everyone be safe and have fun!

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Here are some photographs taken over the weekend at the old Purdy Cemetery.

These photos all contain a lot of orbs, many of which are different colors.

These pictures all have the same strange blue light in them.

This is a photo of the tombstone of Major Benjamin Wright and his wife, Martha. It is an impressive 15 feet tall. It is also up in the woods a little bit. It was very dark when we arrived and we did get lost in the woods for a few minutes.

You can read more about Major Benjamin Wright at HurstNation.com

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Here are some new photos from the new Purdy Cemetery.

This row of small tombstones marks the graves of infants. There are several bright orbs around them.

There are several orbs amongst the trees and broken tombstones.

Here is a bright orb near a tree. There are a few other small ones.

This picture has several orbs.

Here are two bright orbs.

This picture contains a lot of bright orbs.

There is one bright orb by the tree and several other lighter ones on the other side.

This photo has one large orb and many other smaller ones.

There are many orbs around this bush.

This photo has two large orbs.

This photo has several orbs, but notice the very bright one on the grass.

There are a lot of bright orbs in this photo.

This photo contains a very bright orb and many other lighter orbs.

This photo also has several bright orbs.

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I have some new photos from both the old and new Purdy Cemetery that I will be adding soon.

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Here are a few of the pictures I took in and around the house at night.

This is a photo of the backyard.

This is a photograph of the slave quarters across the street.

This was taken from the door to Hurst’s bedroom. Notice the orbs on the door facing and between the windows.

This is, of course, the front of the house. Note the large orb on the tarp.

This photo was taken looking down the road towards the New Purdy Cemetery.

This photo was taken in Hurst’s bedroom. The owner had just shut the small attic door and everyone else had left the room. It was completely dark and right about the time I snapped this picture, that door creaked open and scared the life out of me. You can see where it is slightly ajar and there are orbs on and around the door.

There was NO ONE smoking when this picture was taken. Two friends were standing nearby and I double checked with both of them to make sure neither of them had been smoking. If you look beyond the odd mist, you’ll also see a few orbs around the house. (The shiny spot in the top window is a bit of reflective tape of some sort.)

Look at the tarp on the roof.

Taken in the backyard.

This photo was taken from behind the house. This is not the moon. The moon was on the other side of the house.

The bright figures in these photos have a very odd shape.

Just in case you couldn’t see the one in the bottom of the picture…

And the one in the top of the picture…

This photo was taken behind the house.

This photo is of the old barn across the street.

This photo is of the kitchen. I’m not sure if you can see them but there are two small orbs on the cabinet doors.

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