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Although I have not personally been to this cemetery yet, I have known several people who have.

I do not know a lot about the cemetery other than there is an open grave with an exposed coffin which has a hole in it. Local legend says that if you stick anything inside the hole something bad will happen.

I have been told by two people that I know that this is true. One person stuck there hand down in it and they wrecked their car. Coincidence or a spirit’s way of asking to be left alone? What do you think?


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To get to the bridge, turn beside South Side High School in Jackson, TN onto Harts Bridge Road. Go several miles until you reach the bridge.

I have been to this bridge several times years ago. I do not know what really happened there, but local legend says someone was killed on this bridge and you honk your horn and flash your lights and they are supposed to appear. Some people have said their car would not start and others have claimed a white mist followed them.

I will say that I have never seen or heard anything, nor have I had car trouble at this place. I do not believe this bridge to be haunted. If anyone else has proof of a haunting at this location, please email ghoststories@writersbeacon.com.

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Old Trinity Episcopal Church is located in Mason, TN. It was founded in 1847 in the place of Saint Andrew’s Church, which had burned two years earlier.

For many years, the church was not taken care of and the church and cemetery was vandalized by a small Satanic cult. They broke most of the gravestones, and vandalized the church building.

Behind the church there is a statue of the Virgin Mary which serves as a gravestone for a woman who died in 1912. It is said that this statue bleeds from the eyes and neck.

There are also stories that the church and the cemetery are haunted. People have reported seeing strange lights and hearing noises. Local legend says that the people buried in the cemetery are distressed over the vandalism of their graves.

I have only been to this cemetery once and it was during the daytime. Perhaps I will return some time, but be aware — I have heard that the caretaker has installed trip wires to keep people from trespassing.

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This story is documented and can be found in the History section of the library located in Bolivar, TN.

Dave Parran was a simple man who lived in a house known to locals as the “Wedding Cake House” in Bolivar, TN. He was an undertaker who would often sit on his rocker all day, talking to anyone who would pass by. Parran died in 1936, at the age of 86. He had lived in his house for 75 years, and absolutely loved his home. After his death, most of the locals said the thing they’d miss most was passing by his house and seeing him rock.

Dave Parran’s old rocker still sits on the porch of the Wedding Cake House. Sometimes, it will gently rock back and forth, even when there is no breeze. Some people have also seen Dave Parran’s apparition, rocking peacefully in his favorite chair. Others have said they heard Mr. Parran rummaging through his house in the middle of the night.

No one has ever been frightened by the ghost, and everyone agrees that this is a benevolent spirit. So if you pass by the Wedding Cake House, be sure and look at the rocker. You might get a ghostly welcome.

This house is located in the Historical District in downtown Bolivar near the McNeal House.

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Anyone who has information about a haunting in Tennessee and would like to see it posted on this blog, please email it to ghoststories@writersbeacon.com.

If you have pictures you would like to share, email them to the same address. Be sure to include information about the photograph such as where it was taken and any associated stories or local legends.

Don’t worry. I have plenty of other stories to post myself but I want to make sure I include all of the reported hauntings in Tennessee.

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I have found someone who has been to this church with friends and they are going to find out the name and its location for me. I will post as soon as I find out.

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These photos were taken by my friend the same night as my photos were taken.

This tree is very old. Notice the orb underneath the branch?

Here are several orbs around some of the tombstones.

Here are several orbs…and one spot of light shaped like a heart. Very odd.

A bright orb

A lot of orbs….including one on my back

Another bright orb

Orbs all around me

Two orbs

A large orb

We hope to be able to return soon and take more pictures.

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